Our story

We had only been in Alsace for two years. One of us had finished her drawing studies and the other had a carpentry CAP. Like many people, we were not really satisfied with our opportunities. The reality of work had hit our student dreams of creativity, novelty and expressiveness hard. We were young, we didn’t have much and therefore not much to lose. So we wanted to try something, something that made sense!

Wood combined with drawing: the idea of making toys soon came up. We bought our first machines second hand, some brushes and paint for toys. And what a joy it was to have our first toys in our hands! But what’s even crazier is that when we went to the markets in the surrounding villages, you liked our toys. You found them beautiful, soft, poetic… and you liked that they were made of local wood, hand-painted and eco-responsible. Because you too believe that our planet and our environment deserve to be taken care of. That it is possible to live on this earth without damaging it and that a small gesture, even if it is insignificant in the eyes of the world, has its place and deserves to be done.

Another happiness was born at the same time as our project. Our first child solidified our idea of creating and offering an alternative to what already exists through responsible and committed craftsmanship.

We made our toys in this way for 2 years but the demands were increasing and it was no longer possible to keep this project just for ourselves. So we shared it with the curious, the creative and the passionate who joined us. From now on, the story of Brin d’Ours is not only ours, it is also that of Nathalie, Marjorie, Manon, Julia, Olmes, Sylvain, Achille, … and it is also yours: )

Marie-Charlotte et Daniel